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    Flair Active® Convex

    Mr D.R. from Leeds said:

    ‘Thank you for sending me these samples. They are an upgrade from my other products and thanks to you I would change ASAP and also I have full confidence wearing them’.

    Mrs S. from Durham says:

    ‘They are excellent and I hope they come on prescription soon so I can have mine changed to them’.

    Flair Active®

    Ms D.W. is a 53 year old lady who underwent surgery for Crohn’s disease. She had an ileostomy formed in 1977.

    Her main problems with her current pouch are that she has a slight dip/moat to one side of the stoma which protrudes and retracts. Also, depending on how hydrated she is, the stoma changes shape on a daily basis. Ms D.W. also regularly experiences ballooning and leakage from the filter and gets sore skin due to leakage from the pouch.

    Ms D.W. trialled the Flair Active® 1 piece pouch, which she found very comfortable and lighter against her skin than her usual product.  Ms D.W. experienced a little less than usual ballooning and no leakage from the Flair Active® filter.

    “It looked good felt better, the filter didn’t mark clothes, everything I expect and want was in this pouch”

    “The pouch is much better than my present one and I would switch straight away to this one once available”

    “I change my present pouch morning and evening and it always leaks in the same place over the right hand side. This pouch lasted 2 and half days before I had to change”

    “My confidence when wearing the pouch was higher and I didn’t worry about leakage as much and I cut down on washing clothes. Over all much better to wear, I never felt I was wearing it and I would recommend it”

    Product trials of Flair Active® ileostomy pouch received the following comments:

    ‘The pouch was easy to use and I found it very comfortable, I didn’t know it was there.’ Mr R.M.

    ‘These bags are 100% better than the ones I am using.’ Mrs S.J.


    A young girl from Belgium was 14 years old when she had a temporary loop ileostomy fashioned as a temporary stoma for Crohn’s disease.

    The distal and proximal ends were both spouted, but over time, the proximal end slipped and leaks from the stoma pouch began to occur. This was very distressing for her as she was sitting important exams. She was finding the exams stressful as the pouches often leaked whilst she was in the exam hall.

    She tried using some paste around the aperture of the pouch but this was often not successful as the stoma worked whilst she was preparing the new one and so she panicked and often did not get the new pouch fitted correctly for many reasons.

    Her skin, which had always remained intact since she had her stoma began to become quite excoriated due to the leaking pouches. The stoma care specialist recommended a medium sized plateau Curvex® drainable pouch. She found it easy to apply and the leaks stopped. Her skin healed and she was no longer nervous and wary of her stoma leaking.

    Flair® 2

    A Dutch male has had his Ileostomy for the last 3 years. He has had diabetes for many years and over time this has led to the development of peripheral neuropathy. Consequently, he now has limited feeling in his hands and fingers. He currently uses a Lock-ring 2 piece system. His favourite past time is gardening which he finds difficult with his current system as it is rigid and keeps ‘popping-off’ when he bends over to dig.

    Following a trial of the Flair® 2 drainable pouch, he commented:

    ‘The baseplate was easy to use and lasted over 5 days’
    ‘The pouch was secure because I could feel the pouch clip onto the baseplate. I really like the fact that I have further protection when I stick it onto the baseplate’
    ‘It is very easy to clean and nothing can get trapped in a ledge of the baseplate like my current product’
    ‘I really like the fact nobody can now see my pouch under my clothes’

    Flair® 2 Convex

    A 56 year old lady from Yorkshire underwent surgery for cancer of the bowel. She had an Ileostomy formed in 2000, and has been using her current product ever since.

    Her main problems are sore skin due to leakage from having a flat stoma and her usual product has a hard plastic locking system which she finds a bit clumsy.

    When trialling the Flair® 2 Convex pouch, she found it more comfortable and less likely to get knocked compared to her usual product. She felt more secure sticking the baseplate and found the pouch easier to clean with the tab. She experienced no leakage from the trial pouch.